Best Saturday ever

Durlston Country Park

Daddy made us all get up really early, we had to leave the house by 8:30 or else!  We drove around the harbour, through Wareham and on to Swanage where we went to Durlston Country park.

The first place we visited was the globe, this is a huge granite sphere carved into a globe.  It was interesting how they made the carvings of land and sea.

DSC00090 DSC00085 DSC00095

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Ferndown First Summer Fair

One sunny Friday evening  we went to Ferndown First School summer fair.  First we went to get an ice-cream,  then we went on the pirate  bouncy castle.  We played a game where we hit a stick with a hammer to make a bell ring, I managed to hit it and won a sticky alien!  Daddy entered the barrow of beer raffle, Daddy likes the look of the barrow and Mummy the beer!