Best Saturday ever

Durlston Country Park

Daddy made us all get up really early, we had to leave the house by 8:30 or else!  We drove around the harbour, through Wareham and on to Swanage where we went to Durlston Country park.

The first place we visited was the globe, this is a huge granite sphere carved into a globe.  It was interesting how they made the carvings of land and sea.

DSC00090 DSC00085 DSC00095

After the globe we walked along the cliff path towards the lighthouse, on the way we stopped and looked at Tilly Whim caves which are now closed, we felt disappointed and cross as you can see from Bernie’s face!

DSC00102 DSC00103 DSC00104

DSC00106 DSC00107 DSC00108

After the caves came the lighthouse which are to stop boats crashing into rocks when it’s dark or foggy.  We couldn’t go in the lighthouse anymore either, but we took some pictures.

DSC00097 DSC00110

When we got back to Durslton castle we had a picnic which was lovely.  After we went to see a lady who had lots of moths, she talked about them to us and let us hold some.  I held an elephant hawk moth, Bernie held a different one.

IMG_3352 IMG_3353 IMG_3349


We next went to Swanage to buy a whole crab and ice creams.  We went to get the crab first but they didn’t have any whole ones so we took a dresses crab instead, which means they’ve already broken it up and packed the meat into the shell.  We did have an ice cream though, mine was mint with chocolate, Bernie had a blue slush puppy and Daddy had rum and raison ice cream 🙂


Pick your own

We went to Holme Farm pick your own on the way home, Bernie was asleep in the car so Mummy waited with him whilst Daddy and I went picking.  We picked two punnets of strawberry’s and one of goosegogs (gooseberries), we did eat a few as we walked around too!


It was the best Saturday of my life, ever!!!