Kitchen science

As I was a good girl recently we went to Beale’s in Bournemouth to look at the toys.  I chose the Kitchen Science experiments because I’ve always wanted to do experiments with lava and other fun stuff.  Bernie chose some Lego juniors.



When we got home we excitedly opened up the box to see which amazing experiment we can do first.  The first one was to make edible sugar crystals in a glass, but we didn’t have all the ingredients so we decided to leave it for now.

We decided to make the electric clock using a lemon as the power source.  I cut a lemon in half, then got two forks and attached two wires to them, and attached the other wires to two Zinc strips.  Finally the forks and Zinc strips were inserted into the lemon and the clock started to work!  This works by a chemical reaction caused by electrons moving between the forks and Zinc strips forming a current.



We wanted to do the volcano next but we didn’t have any baking soda, which it turns out is the key ingredient to four other experiments meaning we couldn’t do any more.

Keep an eye on my Blog for the next exciting update on the experiments when we have bought some Baking Soda…