Mind the gap!

At school today we were using the iPads to play a learning activity called ‘Scratch Junior’, Molly was having a go and I was playing with my wobbly tooth.  I wobbled a bit, then pulled it twice, touched it with my tongue then suddenly pop it came out!  I told Molly, who told Miss Pollock and Miss Ware who gave me a drink of water to get rid of all the blood!  Miss Ware said I can stay in the conservatory with tissues mopping up all the blood.  I didn’t have to do any more work that afternoon which made me feel very happy!


Last night I placed the tooth under my pillow when I went to bed.  I woke up and found three £1 pound coins.  Two are going to be for some fish in the pond and the other I was going to save but I have now lost it 🙁  I found fairy dust all over my bed and on the stair case, no one has cleaned it up yet.