Fathers day

For fathers day we gave daddy four cards, two I made myself at rainbows and school.  I gave a mug with ‘Dad Rules’ written on it and Bernie gave daddy an Acer tree.

We then met some friends (Camille and Charlie) at Burley for breakfast, it was yummy!  Afterwards we went for a long walk in the New Forest and saw some ponies. Continue reading Fathers day

Mind the gap!

At school today we were using the iPads to play a learning activity called ‘Scratch Junior’, Molly was having a go and I was playing with my wobbly tooth.  I wobbled a bit, then pulled it twice, touched it with my tongue then suddenly pop it came out!  I told Molly, who told Miss Pollock and Miss Ware who gave me a drink of water to get rid of all the blood!  Miss Ware said I can stay in the conservatory with tissues mopping up all the blood.  I didn’t have to do any more work that afternoon which made me feel very happy! Continue reading Mind the gap!