Slop Bog visit 27th June 2015

After our amazing Saturday where we went to Swanage, Aunty Samantha, Ben and Tom all came around.  They haven’t visited our new house since we moved in so Sam was keen to see what had been done.  We played in the garden and wood for a little while and then we went to Slop Bog.

Ben and Tom haven’t been before so they were quite excited, we stopped at the footbridge to look for newts but there were none.  The Lilly pads had flowered, they looked humongous but pretty.

DSC00115 DSC00117

We carried on walking and saw just the one lizard as it wasn’t very sunny any more, daddy had walked straight past it but luckily I saw it.  We also saw a spider web with what looks like a tunnel going through it

DSC00121 DSC00119