Sports day 2015

Today it was sports day and I was both excited but scared.  I was chosen to be in the red team, with Demi, Alfie and many others.   My favourite event was the javelin but I also liked balancing the ball on a tennis racket.  Mummy was sad because there was no parents race, maybe they’ll do it next year?

In the end my team (the reds) won, it made me feel brilliant!!!

IMG_3427 IMG_3430

IMG_3435 IMG_3439


IMG_3446 IMG_9473


Riding our bikes

Today we went to Moors Valley to practise riding our bikes as I would like a bigger one.  We started at Potterne Park and rode through to the train station at Moors Valley.  It was very scary to start with but I got better and had more confidence.  But I crashed once into stinging nettles, then nearly went off a bridge into a stream and finally on the way back I fell off in front of a women riding a bigger bike and she ran over my little fingers !