Happy New Year

I have had a break from updating my blog as Mummy & Daddy have been very busy decorating our house…. It’s almost finished now and finally I have my own Bedroom!

Edith new bedroom

On Christmas Eve, Father Christmas nearly did not leave any gifts… I was still awake and I moved when he came to my room.  I heard him use our toilet because I think he must have drunk a whole bottle of beer which I left form him?   I pretended to be fast asleep when he came back in and luckily, he left me some presents!

For Christmas I had lots of lovely presents, my favourites were the game ‘Articulate,’ a  wigwam, an alarm clock and a Raspberry Pi (The Raspberry Pi is a tiny and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun and practical projects).  I have had a go with Daddy’s help and we programmed an LED light to blink.

Edith wig wam

It was lovely having a break from school, however I am excited to get back to school as I love playing football, this is me in my new kit and football boots, the mud is from when I headed the ball with my face….Ouch!

Edith football kit