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Happy New Year

I have had a break from updating my blog as Mummy & Daddy have been very busy decorating our house…. It’s almost finished now and finally I have my own Bedroom!

Edith new bedroom

On Christmas Eve, Father Christmas nearly did not leave any gifts… I was still awake and I moved when he came to my room.  I heard him use our toilet because I think he must have drunk a whole bottle of beer which I left form him?   I pretended to be fast asleep when he came back in and luckily, he left me some presents!

For Christmas I had lots of lovely presents, my favourites were the game ‘Articulate,’ a  wigwam, an alarm clock and a Raspberry Pi (The Raspberry Pi is a tiny and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun and practical projects).  I have had a go with Daddy’s help and we programmed an LED light to blink.

Edith wig wam

It was lovely having a break from school, however I am excited to get back to school as I love playing football, this is me in my new kit and football boots, the mud is from when I headed the ball with my face….Ouch!

Edith football kit

Sports day 2015

Today it was sports day and I was both excited but scared.  I was chosen to be in the red team, with Demi, Alfie and many others.   My favourite event was the javelin but I also liked balancing the ball on a tennis racket.  Mummy was sad because there was no parents race, maybe they’ll do it next year?

In the end my team (the reds) won, it made me feel brilliant!!!

IMG_3427 IMG_3430

IMG_3435 IMG_3439


IMG_3446 IMG_9473


Riding our bikes

Today we went to Moors Valley to practise riding our bikes as I would like a bigger one.  We started at Potterne Park and rode through to the train station at Moors Valley.  It was very scary to start with but I got better and had more confidence.  But I crashed once into stinging nettles, then nearly went off a bridge into a stream and finally on the way back I fell off in front of a women riding a bigger bike and she ran over my little fingers !

Best Saturday ever

Durlston Country Park

Daddy made us all get up really early, we had to leave the house by 8:30 or else!  We drove around the harbour, through Wareham and on to Swanage where we went to Durlston Country park.

The first place we visited was the globe, this is a huge granite sphere carved into a globe.  It was interesting how they made the carvings of land and sea.

DSC00090 DSC00085 DSC00095

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